Important people for your child(ren)

Along with appointing guardians, it is also worthwhile drawing up a list of the people you would like to continue to play a role in your child(ren)’s life. You could include it with the letter to guardians or keep it alongside your will.

These may be people who:

  • really like your children
  • have particular views, interests or enthusiasms
  • share your faith and beliefs
  • inspire others
  • make others laugh
  • really listen
  • understand grief.

These people already form part of the circles of support around your child(ren); but it’s good to just make it clear that you’d want them to stick around on your child(ren)’s side.

And it would be nice to say a word or two about why you have included them on the list.

Some people also write short notes of appreciation to these friends and family members and keep these in their Plan If box.